Anuradha Bhawan

Jan 10, 2021 | books

AnuradhaBhawan (Novel, Fiction)-  (Nepali, Hindi & English Language)

The story carries sentiments of various people with different generations. When the main character,Birajuloses his father at his tender age of 11, he has to give up further study and his passion for kite running forever. His mother expects big deal from her adolescent son. He risking own life moves to remote hilly areas just to earn some bread for his family. Misfortune never shows mercy for Him. He, made of mysterious soil neither compromises with his ethics nor gives rest to his shoulders

Anuradha, the widow mother of Biraju spends her life on a white cotton loin over her body, a sandalwood garland around her neck, a sandalwood paste between the eyebrows and one time food for her survival. She,patient of arthritis, elephantiasis and lost sense of hearing fights like warrior with outer world as well as inner self.

Sarswati- the better half of Birajuexperiences the heart piercing differences between being a daughter and being a daughter in law at her age of 14. Saraswati with little education but huge experiences keeps her home as such an ideal ashram- holy place. She implements her family’s code of conduct with strictness.

Biraju&Saraju, the two brothers start their journey on completely different paths. Sarajugets commendable success on the path of power and popularity, however Biraju couldn’t. Both brothers has to face a lot of adverse situations in their lives and battle their fight strongly.

At the last verge of their lives, Sarajuloses his will power and has to encounter bedridden life. However Biraju doesn’t. With supplementary oxygen on his nose and lifesaving drugs in his pocket, he devotes his rest of life for social welfare just encouraged by the essence of a small book.

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